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July 2024
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Going Green Limousine Keeps Chicago Going Green
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Posted by: Rebecca @ 12:43 am

Going Green Limousine Keeps Chicago Going Green

Our green Chicago limo service is celebrating its one year anniversary this month. We are so excited to be Going Green Limousine and we are thrilled to be taking you with us. My husband and I started this business a year ago with the intention of providing green limo service to Chicago, its surrounding suburbs, Northwest Indiana, and the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. Our goal was to provide first rate luxury limo service with a drastically reduced carbon footprint. We have succeeded.

Limo cars spend the majority of their day idling in the limo lot or in city traffic, emitting greenhouse gases and polluting our environment with toxic Particulate Matter (PMs). With the introduction of larger hybrid vehicles to accommodate passengers comfortably in the limo service industry, we didn’t understand why Chicago limo companies were not taking advantage of the technology to correct and maybe even reverse the damage being done.

We knew it was something that needed to happen. We decided it was something we needed to do. After much shopping and deliberation, we chose the Ford Escape Hybrid as our signature vehicle due to its roomy interior, its excellent cargo space, and its terrific MPG rating. Our eco-optimized Ford Escape can get up to 51 miles per gallon, and that’s in the city. Furthermore, our eco-optimized hybrids capture harmful PMs and reduce emissions by more than 80% over the other limo service providers, which is a huge impact when you consider there are more than 9,000 limo cars in Chicago alone.

As an added bonus, the Ford Escape Hybrid can hold four passengers whereas most limo town cars and sedans only carry three passengers. So, our hybrid SUV eliminates the need for a stretch vehicle simply because of the addition of one more person.  For parties larger than four people we have even larger hybrids and flex-fuel vehicles, and for any stretch limo work in and around Chicago, we happily donate a percentage of those proceeds to Chicago Gateway Green.

In our commitment to greening Chicago ground transportation, we also decided to green more than just our cars. Our entire business is run via telecommuting in order to eliminate the need for a physical office location that would simply consume resources. Our chauffeurs are able to take the hybrids home so that they do not need to put a car on the road for the sheer purpose of picking up another car. We reduce paper waste, use recycled materials, and reuse and recycle paper and plastic.

Our entire Chicago eco limo team is dedicated to greening Chicago and our clients are making it possible. Happy anniversary, Going Green Limousine, and thanks to all of you for Going Green with us!


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