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December 2009
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3 Green Gifts under $9
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Posted by: Rebecca @ 11:40 pm

The holidays are quickly approaching and shopping is underway. Finding useful green gifts for the green lovers on your list isn’t always easy, but here are three great green ideas that are all under $9 and
can be found easily at
The Container Store.

1) Staple-free Stapler and Paper Paper Clips, $6.99/ea
Remember in grade school when you were taught to fold the corner of your papers, rip two slits, and then bend the
center piece over to “staple” your papers together? The Staple-Free Stapler does this for you, only more neatly and more securely than you can do yourself! Using a tab style punch, it secures up to five pages for you so you’ll never need staples again. Made of 100% sustainable wood pulp, you
can choose black, smoke, or white for only $6.99

Purchase a package of 50 Paper Paper Clips (no, that is not a repeat word typo!) for only $6.99 to accompany the Staple-free Stapler or as a stocking stuffer. They can hold up to 20 sheets of paper and can be recycled (and safely shredded) along with the paper!

2) 24/7 Reusable Bag, $8.99 (Stocking Stuffer Idea)
While reusable bags are becoming more common these days, the 24/7 Reusable Bag rolls up into a self-contained
portable bag for easy carrying convenience. They feature a shoulder strap that is lightly padded and are made of lightweight rip-stop nylon. Generously sized
at 12”w x 5”d and 14”h, they come in a variety of two-tone colors,
including aqua/sky, black/slate, brown/sky, eggplant/slate, green/sky (our favorite!), and red/slate.

3) Yesterday’s News Colored Pencils, $4.99/12 (Stocking Stuffer Idea)
If you’ve ever wondered what happens to recycled newspaper, wonder no more. Here they are converted into working
colored pencils. The colored pencil feels like a wood pencil to the touch and can be sharpened with a regular pencil sharpener. Great as a stocking stuffer, you receive 12 colored pencils stored in a recycled newspaper container.

Extra Gift Idea: Pair the colored pencils with a sharpener and some recycled drawing tablets for the artist in your life, or give the ensemble as a gift of green to kids to educate them in a fun way on the ideas of environmental conservation.

It’s not just green minded recipients who will appreciate the novelty
and practicality of these green gift ideas
and others. Unique gifts are always appreciated, so be novel in your gift giving this year, and have
a Green

Do you have any other great gift ideas under $10 or some fun and uniqe stocking stuffers? Please share them here! Thanks.


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