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January 2010
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Is Elvis really dead?
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Posted by: Rebecca @ 2:56 pm

Okay, so Elvis probably really is dead, but I admit I did have temporary suspension of disbelief last night. Now, I will be honest and tell you I am not a huge Elvis fan. I like his music, but I don’t go crazy like some people, such as my sister, do. But, since my sister and husband are both huge Elvis fans, it seemed like a no brainer Christmas gift to get tickets to The Ultimate Elvis Tribute, which was taking place in Hammond, Indiana on Elvis’ 75th birthday. That Elvis Tribute took place on 1/8/2010 at The Venue.

At 7:30 we sat in our absolutely awesome seats, front center of stage, second row of the first mezzanine, and we waited to see our Elvis impersonators. There were three total, one for each decade spanning the fifties through seventies. Now remember, I was going along more to be a good sport than to scream and faint and cry to take Elvis home with me. (That was what my sister was there for!) I was the skeptic hoping to be somewhat entertained.

It didn’t take long to impress me! The first Elvis skidded onto stage opening with a mean Hound Dog that had my feet tapping and my shoulders rocking. My first thought was, “Eh, he doesn’t really look like Elvis.” But you know what? Before that first song was over, I was sold. Between the voice, the music, the gyrations, and the personality, I was willing to believe Elvis was up there. My sister, you can imagine, was excited beyond everything, as were most of the women in this sold out show!

While the sixties Elvis sounded a lot like the real thing, I didn’t think he looked that much like him; rather here the clothes made the man. But that didn’t matter to me because I was much more enthralled by the Ann Margaret impersonator that shared the stage for the Viva Las Vegas skit. She had the looks, the voice, the motions, and best of all, the lively personality of the ever charming Ann Margaret. This was a total bonus to the show that I was not expecting!

When that same sixties Elvis came out decked out in full black skin tight leather, well, do I have to say anything else on that one? This time he really did look like Elvis and as he came around the audience singing and distributing kisses, my sister stood up ready to steal one. Unfortunately, and much to her dismay, he stopped walking our way just one person over from her! Although she was disappointed, she didn’t let it affect her mood. She was enthralled throughout the entire show.

Enter the last Elvis. He was good, so don’t take this wrong, but I think he was a last minute stand-in. He missed a couple of cues and I think the band members’ names were written on the floor for him during his introductions. That aside, he had a phenomenal voice and everyone readily stood for the American ensemble he dramatically performed. And of course, the women lined up at the stage waiting for kisses and hoping to get one of ”Elvis” sweaty red silk scarves.

The concert lasted approximately 1.5 hours and even though I was going in more as a spectator than a die-hard fan, it was definitely one of the best performances I ever attended. I hope you had a chance to enjoy it yourself, and if you didn’t, try to pick up some front and center tickets at the next Elvis performance. You won’t be disappointed.

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