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May 2024
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Chicago Limo Partying Rules
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Posted by: Rebecca @ 10:46 am

If you are renting a Chicago limo to party or celebrate, then you should know the rules so you can determine what type of limo to reserve. Some limos allow alcohol and others don’t. Some rules are created by the limo company and other rules are regulated by the city or the state. Keep the following in mind to have a good time:

Illinois law prohibits alcohol in non partitioned vehicles. This means the vehicle must have partition capability in order to allow passengers to drink alcohol while in the limo. Passengers must also be 21 or older by Illinois law. What does this mean for you? If you are of legal age and plan on drinking alcohol in the limo, be sure to reserve a limo with a partition. Stretch limos typically have a partition, while standard vehicles do not.

There are no Illinois laws regarding consumption of non alcoholic beverages or food in any vehicle. Every limo company will have different policies regarding this, so check with the limo service provider to find out what is and is not allowed. Typically, the limo company will provide bottled water. Other beverages and/or food may or may not be acceptable. There may also be a cleanup fee for spills.

Smoking is illegal in all Illinois public transportation vehicles. Smoking in any Illinois or Chicago limo, livery, or taxi, is against the law and passengers can be severely fined for breaking this law by both the police and the limo company. Vehicle detailing is required to rid the vehicle of smoke, and that cost may be passed on to the passenger(s).

Most limos no longer have sun or moon roofs, but if they do, you are not allowed to stand up through them. This is against the law as well as against most limo company policies for safety reasons.

Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond the passenger capacity. Passenger capacity can easily be determined by the number of seat belts installed in the vehicle. When ordering a limo, be sure the vehicle is truly capable of holding your party count. Some limo companies will sell a 10 passenger limo for a party of 10 (with the intention of squishing 10 people back there), but the limo may really only be seat belted for 10 passengers total. This means 8 passengers in back and 2 up front, 1 of which is for the driver. This means that only 8 people can legally be in back, 1 up front next to the driver (provided the seat has not been removed for cargo purposes), and 1 party member left standing on the curb. Ask questions, and if you don’t get solid answers, call a different limo company.

Going Green Limousine will be happy to help you answer any questions regarding limo policies and limo laws. Just give us a call at 773 295 5959 and any of our reservationists will be able to direct you. As a Chicago limo service provider, it is our job to be sure you not only have the right limo, but you have a great time without stressing over breaking any policies or laws. That is why we offer Peace of Mind transportation. Every time.

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